Piew Cave

Piew History Cave

 From 1964 onwards, in view of eliminating the Lao people’s movement for peace and independence, the us Government and its cliques continuously intensified their “escaladed war”  Many military operations engaging Thai and lao Royalist troops under the direct command of US Army officers were launched within the liberated zone.The Us Air force provided full support to these operations. In the xieng khouang province; “ the 3 raze operation” was launched with the mission of “full killing, destroying and exterminating this strategic operation was completely defeated by our patriotic movement and peoples who combated the enemy with determination and bravery .our struggle was led by the Central Committee of the party and in the case of xieng khouang province this put under the supreme command of Comrade Samane  Viyaket. In spite of attacks repeatedly conducted by the US Army, the liberated zone not only resisted but also expanded in size which demonstrated that the US strategy of eliminate was fully crushed.

Following their massive and humiliating defeat in each operation, the US Government decided to increase their Air force strikes to a full scale air bombing, moving from military targets to civilian target which included habitation, schools, hospitals, temples citizens and all civilian properties. From these numberous air raids, the Tham Piew war crime is and will be for ever remembered since 374 lives were annihilated by US fighters within a few seconds. These air raids took place on the 24th of who died were farmers living in different village surrounding the site, they had come to live there was the hope that the cave was the last refuge under the constant US Air bombing.

Therefore the 24th of November has been declared as the day of remembrance, in Laos. We shall mark this day by ceremonies expressing. Our abhorrence to war in particular, we shall pray for the souls who embraced the cause of our national liberation and who protected our motherland for bright future.